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Evergreen Park - Give a Dog a Bone Photography



Photo by Freckled Face Photography

I am your Peace Region pet photographer specializing in canine portraiture.

From the crazy dog lady to dog mom, I am here for all things dog. If there is a dog near, you can often find me on the ground loving them, getting kisses, or starring like a stalker in awe of your adorable pet.

Grande Prairie-Bear Creek Trails

It's more than just a photo

It's moments in time that capture your story, bond, and love

It is a legacy that they leave behind, and I am here to create artwork of your beloved companion for you to cherish for the rest of your life. Our animals are our family, our whole heart and our best friend. 

I love capturing family photos, the bond and relationship between human and canine, special moments and milestones throughout their lives. They are family and deserved to be remembered.

Hello. I'm Shaleena!

Proud Dog Mom and Canine Enthusiast

It is no surprise that I love dogs. My passion for their beauty can be seen in my portfolio. They are such an incredible animal that we are blessed to share our lives with. Working with animals requires a soft hand, kind heart and patience. As we all know, they have each have a very unique personality and its my job to capture that for you. Using positive reinforcement such as treats, toys, praise and even you, keeps the dogs motivated to have fun and enjoy their experience as a model. I am often complimented on my patience when working with clients pets and finding the best way to get their cooperation. Through continued education in photography and dog behavior, I have all the skills to create one of a kind portraits of your dogs. Each client becomes part of the Give a Dog a Bone family. I look forward to meeting you and getting to spoil your dogs with lots of love and treats during our session.

Shaleena Higgins
2021 Beckett-4.jpg
Elegant Paper
Image by sarandy westfall

Am I the right photographer for you? Here's how ya know:

  • You're looking to capture the personality of your pets

  • You value the importance of preserving your pets legacy

  • You would love seeing your pets face on your wall

  • Your dog is your whole world

  • Dogs!

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