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More than Just a Dog Mom


"Some people don't understand the love I have for my dog, that's okay because my dog does."

Being a dog mom is more than just a title. It is a lifestyle. Where we work hard to ensure our dogs have the best life possible. We offer nothing but the highest quality of treats, love and affection. We would do anything for our dogs, often putting their needs before our own. That includes allowing them to take up 99% of the bed so they can get a good nights sleep, even if that means sacrificing your own beauty sleep. They are our best friend and we cannot imagine our life without them by our side. They have licked away tears, brought joy to your life and been there for you no matter what.

You ready to capture your special bond?

Tell me more!

Step 1: Inquire - Limited Sessions Available

More than just a Dog Mom sessions are promoted once a year to honor all dog moms. These sessions are offered at a promotional price and limited spots available. These are only offered every April.

Step 2: Tell me about your Dog!

We will connect via, email, phone or social media to discuss your favorite activities you like to do with your dog. From playing fetch to snuggling together and sharing snacks, these sessions are customized to capture your special bond and relationship.

Step 3: Pick a time

Sessions are prescheduled for April 24 2022 and April 30th 2022 in Grande Prairie. Evening and morning appointments available.

Step 4: Photo day!

The day has arrived! We will meet on location and spend approx. an hour capturing the raw and genuine love between you and your dog. From storytelling to more traditional posed shots, we will cover it all!

Step 5: Reveal session

Included in your session is a stunning handcrafted 8x8 album from Italy and a 8x10 matted fine art print! At the reveal session we will choose your favorites for the album and select the perfect photo for the print. You have the option to upgrade the print size or add on addition products if you would like!

2021 Tracy Family HR-5_edited.jpg
2021 Gracie and Gertrude HR-20.jpg
Elegant Paper
This is an attempt to capture my experience in words. Shaleena is an absolute sweetheart. Very kind and accommodating. Her passion shines from the start of booking to the last shot. She has incredible attention to detail when choosing a location, getting the right lighting, and capturing candid moments. I also appreciated her asking if there were any poses I really wanted captured. Her prompt and thorough responses are also very much appreciated. If you have a fur baby, I cannot recommend this company enough.
~ Mishonne
Image by Andrew Krueger


More than Just a Dog Mom

You are More than Just a Dog Mom and these sessions are designed to showcase just that! Our bond, love and relationship with our dogs run so deeply. A love like no other and I am here to capture those special moments for you. After losing Roxy, the photos I have of just her and I are truly priceless. I will cherish them for the rest of my life.
A Dog mom goes above and beyond for her best friend, like laying with an arm numb for way to long just so they do not interrupt their dogs sleep. Starring at them, repeating "oh my gosh, you are so cute, I love you." Staying up or sleeping on the floor to comfort their dog when in need. Spends way too much money on vet bills because you think there is something tragically wrong and it ends up just being gas from the extra treats they got for being cute. If this sounds like you, this session is perfect for you!


  • up to 60 min session on location

  • 10-15 images to be included in an 8x8 album

  • an 8x10 matted print of your favorite image

  • Reveal and Ordering session at my studio the following week to review and choose the images for your album

  • $1599 value


2021 Mishonne-50-Edit.jpg


This is not your typical album, it has thick linen pages with no seam so that the images can be large and in charge! With a gorgeous photo cover the showcase box is perfect to show it off! It's truly a work of art.

Hand crafted in Italy.

Albums starting at $799

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